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4 Life Lessons from Grace the Dog

Kids, parents, teachers, and more will love learning gentle lessons on how to move through change and challenge with ease thanks to a brave dog named Grace.

Happy Leadership = Happy Company

Katy uses fun and friendly life lessons from her dog Grace to empower organizational leaders to be the change they want to see in their companies.

Every Day Is An Adventure

Change and the unknown can feel scary, especially to kids. Grace the dog makes embracing change fun and easy.

Giving the Gift of Presence

How would your world change if you gave everyone you encountered the gift of being fully present with them? See how a dog named Grace transformed the lives of the people she encountered and practice presence in your own life.

How to Turn Uncertainty Into Positivity

A dog named Grace shows kids and adults alike how facing new situations with openness, courage, and trust lays the groundwork for a positive experience.

The Difference Kindness Can Make

Through the eyes of a dog named Grace, author Katy McQuaid presents lessons in kindness that can help people of all ages transform the lives of everyone in their world.

Discover Your Authentic Leadership

Use your emotional intelligence and personal values to be the kind of leader you want to be and make the positive impact you most want to make on your organization.

Why Take the “Trail Less Traveled”?

Brave and adventurous dog Grace shares an important lesson about how taking an unexpected path can lead to unexpected goodness.
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